[INI June Birthday] Thorough explanation of the charm of Kojin Nishi, Eiji Goto, Hongho, and Takumi Ozaki! Introducing the Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan where you can celebrate your birthday grandly!

【INI 6月誕生日】西洸人・後藤威尊・許豊凡・尾崎匠海の魅力を徹底解説!誕生日を盛大にお祝いできる池袋パルコジャックプランもご紹介!

This time, we will deliver a special feature on INI's Koto Nishi -kun, Goto -kun Goto -kun, Kohiro -kun, and Ozaki Takumi -kun!

INI, which was born in the audition program "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN Season 2 (Sunday Pu 2)", is a Japanese male idol group that is still gaining explosive popularity ^^

Speaking of the four people who send a special feature in this article, everyone is in June! !

To commemorate your birthdayFrom the basic information and background of each member, we will introduce the charms of each member without any help.♪

Each has a completely different background and charm, so please enjoy it to the end ^^

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This year, the event has been decided for the third consecutive month of "June, July, August" ^^

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Thorough explanation of Kojin Nishi with the best dance skill! Is it a good return child?

Basic information of Kohito Nishi

Quote source 

  • Real name: Kototo Nishi (Hiroto Nishito)
  • Date of birth: June 1, 1997
  • Birthplace: Kagoshima Prefecture
  • Height: 173cm


Speaking of Koto Nishi -kun, members with the best dance skills in INI!

In college, I belonged to a dance circle, and many contests won ^^

In addition to the appearance of commercials and MVs, I have been a back dancer in Miura Daichi!

In addition, choreography such as Johnny's WEST's "To Hater" and "To Hater" by Johnny's WEST!

An experienced dancer, Koto Nishi -kun, says that the influence of SHINee's Taemin was great.

Before his debut, he decided to go around as a back dancer in Taemin in 2019, but he was not interested in K-POP.

But I actually met Taemin and went around the tour, and there are people who are so cool.I was surprised!

After that, he appeared in Pu 2, which was held in 2021, and his debut was decided as a member of INI.♪

again,In my childhood, I was a returnee child who spent four years in the United States and Australia, and I can speak English ^^

What an Eiken 2nd grade when I was in elementary school!

He is in charge of English at overseas performances, and has also appeared regularly on the NHK language program "Login to the World NHK Gogaku".♪

What is the charm of Koto Nishi?

INI's proud top dancer

As you can see from your career, Koto Nishi -kun has gained a lot of experience as a dancer ^^

The dance that makes use of the experience of dancers from the time of the dancer is the characteristics of Koto Nishi!

And recently, the topic of "FANFARE" is Chicchem.♪


The dancing points are clear, and it's so good that you'll be in love with it ...! !

Not only is you good at dancing, but the expression of the dance is exceptional, right? !

The expression is truly a chicchem that can be seen for hours! !

There are also videos from the dancer era, so please take a look.♪


I want to be kan, but the gap is cute!

 Koto Nishi -kun who wants to be a "cool, Chinese -like character" character!

I have confessed that I want to meet the fans' expectations, but it's embarrassing to have a finger heart.

However, fans say that it is cute to do such conflicts ...! (smile)

It is Koto Nishi, who is said to be a manly type by members,Many people are captivated by this cute smile!

There are many expressions that are usually cool, but when you are with the members or this smile, you can be done (;;).

The gap between masculinity and cuteness is also one of the charms of Koto Nishi's swamp ^^

Thorough explanation of INI's prince, Goto Goto! One aspect of stoic and hard worker!

Basic information of Goto Eion

Quote source

  • Real Name: Goto Tobu
  • Date of birth: June 3, 1999
  • Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture
  • Height: 176cm


Goto Takashi is a member who is in charge of the prince of INI!

The high school belonged to the dance club "Splendor" at Osaka Prefectural Toshima High School, which is known as a powerful school ^^

After that, he belonged to a dance circle of Kansai University of Foreign Studies and continued to dance!

In addition to the dance, he participated in the university's Mr. Contest and won the championship, and was attracting attention since his general public ^^

When I was in college, I participated in Pu 2 and won my debut in the last 11th place!

If you want to know more about Goto Toshi -kun, please also see the special article by Goto Takeshi -kun.♪

Click here for a special article!

I thoroughly dig deeper from Goto -kun's universities and siblings to the type as you like! !

What is the charm of Goto Eion?

Kansai Prince with humor

Mr. Goto, who professed "I want to be a prince", is a humorous and humorous side from Kansai!

The theme of "People who think I am interesting" appeared, and quietly standing in the middle!

The surroundings are laughing on this (laughs)

Also, there are natural places where you put things in front of the camera and hide yourself!

You're cute and healed, right?♪

Stoic owner!

Goto Takeshi with a gentle and gentle atmosphere, but there is also a side aspect that values ​​his unique way of thinking with stoic!

On a day when a practice was about to continue until midnight, Mr. Yoshihitaka Goto asked, "Is that forced to participate?"

At first glance, it can be captured that you want to go home quickly and go home, but this remark was a reason for Yoshitaka Goto!

Behind this word, there was the idea that "sleep is important, so I want to prepare for the next day"!

In that atmosphere, it is not easy to be able to eat your own thoughts.

Also, when I was talking about diet, I saw that stoic!

First of all, the importance of thinking about diet and goals is hot.

In addition, I have knowledge of meals and training, so I can be a good trainer! (smile)

It is also attractive to be stoic that can clearly say your thoughts.♪

In the article I introduced earlier, we dig deeper into the charm of Mr. Goto -kun, so please check it out ^^.

Thorough explanation of highly educated and multilingal Fenfan! Is your parents rich?

Basic information of Fenfan

Quote source 

  • Real name: Shu Fenfan
  • Date of birth: June 12, 1998
  • Birthplace: China Zhejiang Province
  • Height: 176cm


Fenfan is the only foreign member of INI!

Fenfan -kun, who is from China and is currently active as a Japanese idol, is actually a highly educated and talented man!

He went to a private junior and senior high school in China, Hangzhou English Special Foreign Language School, and all classes were held in English.

After graduating from high school, I learned Japanese at "Gyochi Gakuen Japanese Language School" and enrolled in Keio University's Faculty of Economics!

I belonged to the university's K-POP cover dance circle "NAVI" and started dancing ^^

I participate in Pu 2 as a fourth year college student!

I've been studying well,In addition to Chinese, English, Japanese, he is a member who is known as a multilingual who can speak Korean.♪

again,The Chinese parents' house is a mansion that members recognize!

He lived in a three -story house that was too wide, so he talked with his family in a group chat! (smile)

It is said that the parents' house is a mansion and it is rich ^^

What is the charm of Fenfan?

Fen fans who use 4 languages!

First of all, it is a "language" that can be said to be the first strength of Fenfan!

Fenfan -kun can speak 4 languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean ^^

Is Japanese anymore at the native level? You're talking fluently!

Let's take a look at how much you can speak English and Korean!

First of all, Fenfan who asks for room service in English!

The pronunciation is very beautiful, and I order without any problems ...!

I just took a middle and high school class in English, so it is true ^^

Let's look at Fenfan -kun, who speaks Korean!

The Korean is "I will hug you"! !

Cool and cute, but traffic is congested (;;)

Fenfan -kun knows a cool phrase in English using a unique phrase that is full of sensitivity in Japanese ^^.

You may not only be good at language skills, but also make every effort!

Kyun on a delicate and gentle side!

Fenfan -kun who is talking about care and kindness to the members!

Here, let's watch a video where you can see the gentle side of Fenfan!

First of all, this scene is taking pictures with all members!

I'm worried if the member Omu -kun is shown ^^

The face when you care is very kind (;;)

In addition, I will give it immediately without hesitation when the insects are on!

Even when I had the opportunity to interact with my child on the program, I got a glimpse of the kindness ^^

Fenfan is squatting down to the child's eyes and speaks well with his eyes!

It's cute to hold your hand while listening to the story, isn't it?♪(smile)

Thorough explanation of former AVEX, all -rounder Takumi Ozaki!

Basic information of Takumi Ozaki

Quote source

  • Real name: Takumi Ozaki (Ozaki Takumi)
  • Date of birth: June 14, 1999
  • Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture
  • Height: 173cm


Takumi Ozaki is an experienced member of the INI member.♪

There is a load until you participate in Pu 2, and it is a hot topic that it is excellent in any visual, song, or dancing!

Let's take a look at the career of Ozaki Takumi -kun!

First of all, we will start working as a member of the Boys Group "Kansai Boys Prohject" in 2016!

After that, the audition sponsored by AVEX "BOYS & GIRLS DANCE VOCAL AUDITION 2016Was selected as a finalist, and joined the training unit "α-X'S" in 2017 ^^

In 2018, he will work on the dance and vocal unit "Jump Up Joy", but will be dissolved in 2020.

In 2019, when he was active as a JUMP UP JOY, he appeared on the romantic reality program "My Under Prince Winter Lovers Season 2"!

After the dissolution of the groupHe decides to participate in Pu 2 for "Changing himself and for his dreams"!

What is the charm of Takumi Ozaki?

THE idol! !

Takumi Ozaki, who is in charge of INI's glitter idol!

The behavior, gestures, and facial expressions are exactly the idol itself! !

The appearance of standing on the stage is sparkling, and the fan service is perfect ^^

It is too much God to respond ... It is a glittering idol that seems to be deprived of your heart just by looking at it! !

Also, not only when standing on the front stage, but also during practice and dressing rooms, the atmosphere will be brighter just by having Ozaki Takumi -kun ^^

It looks like a natural idol♪

INI's messed up and loved character♪

It is a glittering idol Takumi Ozaki, but it is a character that is often tampered with by members ^^

I couldn't say the impression of the sweets well, so I was tampered with by the members, or if I tried to show myself in a group photo, everyone would be gone ... (laughs).

The members say "delicious position"!

The surroundings also have love for Takumi Ozaki -kun, so how to play with it is transmitted ^^

In addition, the co -stars of the Saturday night drama "Tsuki -kun's forbidden Night Eccher" are being tampered with! (smile)

It is Takumi Ozaki who is trying to start over the announcement, but the co -stars trying to continue saying "I don't have a cut!" ^^

It looks like a character who is tamed and loved at the shooting site! (smile)

Celebrate the Ikebukuro Palko Jack's June birthday INI members.

The "Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan" held last year is back this year! !

It's very popular, how 2023 is! ! It will be held for 3 consecutive months in June, July and August ^^

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Why don't you jacked Ikebukuro Parco and celebrate the birthday of the INI members? ^^

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Ini Kyosuke Fujimaki

Ikebukuro Palko Jack was held to celebrate the birthday of INI's Kyosuke Fujimaki, which was born in Nippon Pu 2!

The main advertisement of the member color blue and the illustration of Kyosuke Fujimaki is very nice ^^

Kep1er Yong -un

The birthday of Yong Eun of KEP1ER born from the audition program Galpura was also celebrated.♪

It's like a dream that a video of a push to a powerful outer wall vision ...! !

This year's Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan will be held in June♪

I want to celebrate my birthday in a special way!How about a celebration with the Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan? ^^


This time, we sent a special feature on INI Kototo Nishi, Goto Toshi -kun, Fenfan -kun, and Takumi Ozaki!

The four who debuted as the INI member had a completely different background!

The charms of each are also different, and the reasons that are loved by many people are transmitted ^^

In addition, the four members introduced this time will celebrate their birthday in June.♪

The birthday for fans is a special day ^^

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