BE: FIRST Thorough explanation of Ryuhei! Introducing basic information such as height, Twitter photo book, and dance videos♪

BE:FIRST リュウヘイを徹底解説!身長などの基本情報やTwitter写真集、ダンス動画もご紹介♪

Now the topic boys group "Be: FirstRyuhei, a member of "!

BE: FIRST is a group formed by seven people selected through the selection of documents and training camps in the auditions "THE FIRST" produced by Sky-Hi.

Producer and president SKT-HI set a goal to "make a new breeze in the Japanese J-POP world", and be: first is trying to establish a unique position in the J-POP world. (^O^)

Above all, Ryuhei has always been attracting attention during the audition in an outstanding style and aura.♪

This time, we will introduce Ryuhei's basic profile, attractiveness, cool dance videos, etc. in detail!

You will definitely like Ryuhei BE: FIRST! ! (≧ ∇ ≦)

moreover,At Senil Advertising Agency JAPANA super luxurious campaign in collaboration with Nagoya TV only in September, October and November onlyTo do!

Why don't you jacked Nagoya TV and celebrate the birthday of Ryuhei, who is from Nagoya? ( ^ ^)

We will also introduce details about this special campaign.♪

BE: Introducing FIRST Ryuhei's profile

  • Real name: Ryuhei Kuroda
  • Date of birth: November 17, 2006
  • Birthplace: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
  • Height: 180cm

Ryuhei was born on November 17, 2006 from Aichi Prefecture, and is 16 years old on his 2022 birthday!

He was 14 years old when he participated in the audition ...!

It was surprising that I was a junior high school student.

He is the youngest of the members, but he is so technical and visual that he doesn't feel like the youngest.♪

Ryuhei went to an artist training school in Avex in Nagoya, just like Shunt!

I have never built the same unit, but I was acquainted with each other before the audition ^ ^

The family structure is one of my parents and sister.

Currently, Ryuhei, a high school student, seems to be away from his parents to a high school in Tokyo.

He himself in the interviewI want to avoid repetition ...It seems that he has said that his academic activities and performing arts activities!

I want you to do your best in both artists and school (≧ ∇ ≦)

Be: What is the charm of Ryuhei?

From here, we will approach the fascination of Ryuhei, who has the youngest presence!

Outstanding style that I can't imagine 15 years old

Speaking of Ryuhei, the style is particularly noticeable!

How tall are you180cmAnd he is the second tall after Junon.

The gap of tallness is good even though it has a cute face, isn't it?♪

Ryuhei is tall since the audition, but he is still 15 years old, so there is a good chance that he will be even higher!

In the future, it seems that you can expect a model business that makes use of the outstanding style (^o^).

High expressiveness during performance

Ryuhei is a dynamic dance that makes use of her long limbs!

She has the impression that she can always manage facial expressions, from 15 -year -old charming expression to mature expression.♪

New song "SCREAMBut Ryuhei's approaching scene is very cool!

Character loved by the youngest of the group♡

BE: FIRST The youngest Ryuhei is the younger brother loved by everyone!

Ryuhei had a strong image in the audition era, but after her debut, she seemed to be gradually getting used to her younger brother.♪

You got along with her members ( ^ o ^)

On the other hand, in the tertiary examination during the audition, he was 14 years old and served as the leader of the team, and was ranked first!

Not only is it young but also a solid side, and it is trusted by members.♪

Ryuhei's Twitter photo book!

From here, we will introduce valuable photos and tweets of Ryuhei released on the official Twitter of BE: First!

Let's look back on Ryuhei's surprising aspects and cool photos that can only be seen on Twitter.♪

Ryuhei's cute tweet collection

This is a tweet when shooting "Byegoodbye"!

One cute piece when Ryuhei liked the costume he wore♪

It looks good in costumes with a different atmosphere (^o^)

Here, a cute photo of Ryuhei taken by the members is tweeted!

He is the youngest group, so all members are loved.♪ 

This is one of Ryuhei's private side!

If you look at this photo, you can see the innocence of 15 years old (^o^).

This is a photo taken when I was sleeping on the member Souta and the sofa!

It's hard to see a sleeping face, so it's a nice tweet as a fan.♪

Ryuhei's cool tweet collection

This is a tweet when "BRAVE GENERATION" was released!

It's a cool photo full of charm that is different from the cute Ryuhei.♪

This is a cool one taken when "Kick Start" was released!

This is a jacket photo of "Be: 1" released this time!

It's a cool and cool photo♪

What is the highlight of the song that Ryuhei thinks?

Here is Ryuhei tweeting about the highlights when the release of "BetRayal Game"!

In this tweet, the highlights of the MV of "BYE-GOOD-BYE" are tweeted! Here, the highlights of the "Gifted" MV are tweeted!

It's a valuable information that can only be known on Twitter, isn't it?♪

Celebrate Ryuhei's birthday!

This is a tweet when the members celebrate Ryuhei's birthday!

It's a very happy photo celebrated by the members.♪

BE: FIRST's latest information summary

BE: First is the first national hall tour "Be: First 1st One Man Tour "Be: 1 '' 2022-2023Was announced that it will be held!

Besty people who have been able to go live in the rural areas can finally meet Ryuhei.♪

It is a large -scale tour to perform 25 performances in 17 cities, from Hokkaido in the north and Kumamoto in the south!

Until now, it was only live in the suburbs of Tokyo, but it can be said that BE: FIRST's popularity is to be the first tour and hold this large live show (^o^).

again,On August 31, 2022, the 1st album "BE: 1 (B -One)Is decided to release!

There are 15 songs, hip -hop, R & B, rock, jazz, and many new songs are included.♪

We leave songs to the famous top producers in Japan and producers called "Star Rough Stone".

SKY-HI also "Best of music albums born in Japan""

"" "" "" "SCREAM"MV has already surpassed 2 million plays as early as possible1st place in music ranking that is rising rapidly of YouTubeIs acquired

Before the release of the album, you can see the greatness of popularity.♪

I will continue to expect BE: FIRST's further activity (^○^)

About special campaigns with Nagoya TV

2022 September, 10th, November Limitedand,"Nagoya TV Jack Plan"Hold! !

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Ryuhei of BE: FIRST introduced this timeNovember 17thIs your birthday!

RyuheiI don't think there are many opportunities to celebrate your birthday in Nagoya, the hometown of.♪ 

Regarding the campaign period

Only during the period from September 1, 2022 to November 30

It will be applied.

The advertising period is

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The application deadline is

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Regarding the details of this campaign,Hereplease look at.

With everyoneRyuheiofBirthdayLet's celebrate grandly in Nagoya, a hometown! !


Until now, I have introduced Ryuhei of BE: FIRST, how was it? (^○^)

You are 15 years old and the youngest is a great style in an outstanding style, right?♪

I'm looking forward to growing more and more and how to attract fans!

In addition, Ryuhei in a special campaign with Nagoya TVI wish I could celebrate my birthday grandly ( ^ ^)

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