[5/24 Update] Daily 2 (Press 2) Latest order ranking! Members' attraction, audition method, popular performance summary



As a second of the audition audition program that produced the next generation global idol "JO1""Produce 101 Japanese Season 2" in the hot body!

It is familiar with the nickname of "Pudu 2" and "Nippo 2"♪

This time, the great attention "Produce 101 Japanese Season2"We will introduce the attraction and performance videos of the latest ranking and popular practice students!



    Produce101 What is Japan Season2?

    It is a topic Produce101 that has created JO1, but what kind of audition is it?

    We will introduce the content of the audition!


    Debut members depend on the National Vote! ?


    Survival audition program "Produce101 Japan Season2" which determines the debut member through harsh training and missions.

    It is only 11 people who can get a dream of debut within 101 exercises.

    Speaking of the biggest feature of Produce101,It is a viewer participatory audition program that everything by 100% national producer is decided!

    In other words, thanks to you voting, the recommended men may be able to make a debut! I have the endless potential and hope!

    This is why people who are addicted to "daily"♪


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    [Produce101Season2] Depending on your poll, the debut is decided!


    How to watch & vote


    How to watch

    Video distribution site "Gyao! "Every Thursday 21:00

    Click here to view "Produce101Season2"

    How to vote

    After accessing the Special Page of Gyao!, Login with Yahoo! JAPAN ID, and do SMS certification, just click the "Add Voting Box" button for the two ways you want to debut♪

    Voting period

    2021/5/6 (Thu) 23: 00-5 / 28 (Fri) 5:00

    The number of times you can vote once a day

    Gyao! Voting Special Page is here


    The attraction of the latest ranking and practice students introduction!

    First of all, we will introduce the practice students and their attractions that are selected by the top 11 at the present stage! (As of 2021.5.18)

    1st place Tajima Shogo


    Flagy of blonde and bright smile! Mr. Tajima Shingo♪

    The owner of a very rich experience,He had a group of back dancers in a group of people in a former Johnny's belonging.

    He said he was running in Korea after leaving.

    I can not imagine from cool performance and sweet facesI fascinate the fans with a low sound wrap!

    Not only that, it is a strong man who will carry out the drum★

    It is a Claim of Tajima, an impression that can be such cool,His character is calm and the gap of the stage and usually the impression will make a fan of the fans!

    Second place Kimura Kamimura


    A nice and kind face standing is a wonderful Kimura.

    He has dancing experience,He is famous for being a dance companion with JO1 River Assy.

    He won the quasay at the tournament of the National High School Dance Drill Championships in high school days,He said he had a back dancer with a live of Seventeen!

    He has been a back dancer for Momoyakawa-kun's live, or King & Prince and E-Girls choreography support♪

    It seems to be a topic between the fans "somehow the center looks too good!"♡


    3rd place Fujiju Kyosuke


    I love singing! Fujio Keisuke, who has a strong image!

    He also has a rumor that he was delivering songs with the name of [song] in the previous life Tiktok, and the personHe says, "He likes to sing and the feelings do not lose to anyone."It seems to be talking with.

    A cute face like a puppy and the personality is a modest Fujomaki tickled maternal! And it seems to be a topic among fans♪

    Not only the song but also the dances are expected to grow in the future ^ ^

    4th Koike Hitoshi


    Koike Mike who won a lot of fans with adult-like sexy visuals and powerful dance♪

    It seems that the first rank was 46th place ... is overwhelmingly undermivated!

    It is a super leading dance school EXPG from EXPG, and "Dance is not losing to anyone", butHe seems to have experience in appearance experience in the three-year A group of popular dramas ^ ^

    Mr. Tomoko who has the most momentum now in practice! I can not release my eyes♪

    5th West


    Nishi-san with cool and colorful atmosphere♡

    He has previously been active as a dancer and seems to have been staged with the famous people"I wanted to change myself I've been working as a dancer. I will do it because I do not regret."I was talking.

    On the stage, it is a classy atmosphere or a cool person or a cheese from joints, etc.He has a tea sided with a tea ceremony★

    Not only sexy but also brightness fun, he also won more fans!


    6th Nishishima Ren


    Nishijima Life with a variety of talents of English and Korean with high height of 180 cm♪

    It is a ready look, the dance skill is high, and he has an idol temperament that fucked to the world, but there seems to be a gap that Japanese is not a bit of a little Japanese language ^ ^

    The fan will also shoot the heart to the gap.

    It is a former Korean practice, and Korean wrap can also be expected to earn a fan in Korea!

    7th Oyabayashi Ozu


    Kobayashi-kun, who is cute and cute with a small face♡

    Recently addictedIt seems to be schoduously so as not to barre!It is cute and cute ^ ^

    Some younger brothers have a good face, and his younger brother also participated in the primary examination of "Produce 101 Japanese Season2", but it seems to have been declined for academic priority.

    Kobayashi Oh, I can expect the success of his younger brother!

    8th Ozaki Takumi Sea


    Smiling is impressive and eagle is the Campoint Ozaki Shida-san ^ ^

    It seems that it was a topic before the start of "Produce 101 Japanese Season2" broadcast was started by the love reality show "Today I like" "I like today" "My youngest prince" broadcasted in ABEMA from 2018 to 2019♪

    Stable vocals and kileware dances are likely to be evaluated.

    Mr. Ozaki who can be mood maker in the program with a cheerful and bright character!

    His future success is expected!

    9th Nakano Sail


    What a sea sail was at first 53rd!

    Sometimes Koike Kohon is a great Korea ...!

    Nakano Sail's fans seem to be said to be "Racco".

    The first self-introduction of the sea sail is the remarks that "the sail of scallops in the sea","Fan = Racco who likes scallops"It seems that♪

    It is already a popular ocean that has already been concluded with fans!

    10th place Sakamoto


    I like strawberry with color and So "Sakamoto" with a uniqueness that makes your own catch copy with yourself and yourself

    Don't forget to smile, I'm always happy and I'm going to smile this way!And it seems to be a topic in the fans!

    The song and dance are also stable, and family-friendly personality♡

    I look forward to the leap from now on!



    It is a feature that is always a cute smile, and laughs and the mouth is a heart.♪

    Ultra-LCD Dance School EXPG originated,When I laughed for BTS, I'm just like Miyata Miyata!And it seems to be a topic in the fan♡

    From the classmate, you can say that "Ponkotsu that can be efforts" seems to be a character that is liked by anyone!

    Sue to coolness but also the kindness and caress!

    There is no doubt that it will be more popular ^ ^

    There is a possibility of debut! Other What is the practice student?

    We will introduce other outstanding practice students who have close or entered within the deburky debut.

    2021.5.24 point


    Mao Sano


    Humble and handsome effort home Homa Sano Yo-san ^ ^

    The face when it is true is very cute smiling when laughing with super handsome guy is too cute! And it seems to be a topic among fans!

    It is a type that is a type that is also good for members and fans to the staff and staff♪

    Mr. Yo-san is expected to have dancing and singing and still growing, so he seems to be a fan and fans that they are not very easy to see!

    Takeshi Yuka


    Beautiful singing voice is attractive Takatsuka Yoda-kun♪

    Apeal that he wanted to aim for idol loved by pets, he also likes animals that I had worked at a pet shop♡

    It may be good to have a fan maternity instinct with a petite cuteness!

    Daisei-kun that seems to have multiple acapella circles and groups.

    It seems that there was also popularity in the circle and more groups in a pretty look and lovely looks.

    It seems to be more active as a cuteness teacher ^ ^


    Presence of Goto


    After coolness and cuteness, it will be a good time!

    It is probably confident in the creative dance since then, and itself is confident in the expression and silhouette♪

    Not only dance but also good wraps! It seems that the personality is also evaluated and the personality is also very good in the fans.

    In college, it is a level of level that won by Mister Con,It seems that there is a tea ceremony such as eating cucumbers in the 1 minute PR video listed in the official HP ^ ^

    I'm worried about him not in the future without a non-office!

    Mitsubo Hall


    Currently 16 years old and glittering aura from the inside is too high♡

    Song dances are inexperienced, butThe attitude to strive for the mind and the mind that does not give up is not only fans but also the mind of other exercises is also stimulated!

    Expected in the future at the age of 16! However, "This is the first and last challenge", and the thoughts to this "Produce 101 Japanese Season2" are very transmitted.

    I want you to grab the chance and pleasure the fans!

    Iinuma Antonie


    Morinum Antony-kun with English and English in the Philippines half♪

    In active high school studentHis special skill is a hot face, it is a topic that it feels cute, such as walking in the knee ^ ^

    but,During practice, you will want to support sincere and hard-to-work.

    Antony-kun who is also loved by many friends. From now on, I look forward to being loved and growing from many people!

    Play 3 million times!? Popular performance videos!

    Produce 101 JAPAN Season2's official YouTube is referred to,We introduce daily videos with many recently played times. (As of 2021.5.21)


    3.3 million times play⁈ [Shimizu Shota ♫ Melody instead of a bouquet]

    Fujimaki Kyousuke / Nakamura Winter Hama / Iisuma Antonie / Hidada Ryu


    1160,000 playback! 【Generations from EXILE TRIBE♫Ageha-2 sets]

    Takeshi Yuka / Fujimoto Seira / Techoe Yuda / Fukuda Yasu / Fukushima Reiju


    Play 1,000,000 times! 【JO1 ♪ Infinity】

    Kimura Kamura / Ozaki Shidakai / Fujikun Kyousuke / Nishi-Sato / Iisuma Antonie / Hidada Ryoda

    850,000 times play! 【KEN the 390 ♫ NOBODY ELSE]

    Tajima Shoga / Ikasaki Jenju / Nishi

    830,000 times play! 【JO1 ♫ OH-EH-OH]

    Matsuda Satsuki / Goto Aoi / Okubo Yuno / Sano Yuna / Kurita Earring / Vasaigao


    700,000 times play! 【BTS ♪ I Need U-1 Set

    Uchida Yutaka / Yuta Ikuba / Yoji Yasu / Shogaya Yume / Hidena Sasaoka / Masagawa Tenki


    How was it?

    Members with various talents are complete,It is a big battle that does not know who debuts to the end🔥

    Debut members announced 6/13 (Sun) 14:00 to TBS, so please check it!


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