Support your best! Introducing how to make a project to achieve a large project with "Senil Crafan" and how to transmit information!


This time, at Senil Advertising Agency JAPANSenil CrafanStart the service!

What is Senil advertising crowdfunding (hereinafter "Senil Crafan")?

A plan for individuals to launch a support advertisement for individuals and support for YouTuber.This is a service that all agree with support money and realize support advertising!

Large -scale support advertisements that cannot be carried out by individuals,I want to give a support advertisement, but it can't be realized.For those who say, Senil Crafan is a highly recommended service!

However, Senil Crafans cannot execute unless the funds are collected.

Therefore, it is very important to disseminate the information to ask for cooperation in running Senil Crafan.

This time, we will introduce the most important tips on the Senil Crafan page and SNS on SNS!

By all means, please refer to those who will use Senil Crafan in the future.♪

Tips for disseminating Senil Crafan!

When starting Senil Crafan, the first thing you need is to create a Senil Crafan page!

In order to gather friends, you will need a page that describes the outline of the project.♪

Therefore, here are some tips for creating Senil Crafan Page (^O^).

Describe the planner profile in detail!

First of all, what is described at the beginningProject planner's profile"is.

To call for the fans who support the same push for participation in the project

The trigger of liking the push"or"My favorite work/ song」、「Hot feelings for pushing

It is important to specifically describe and so on!

By doing so,Because you can easily find something in common and get sympathy, you can feel the distance between the project planner and the participants closer.

SameIf the work, songs, and triggers you like are similar, you will have more empathy and want to participate in the project (^O^).

Introducing the project in the past and the details and thoughts planned this time!

On the Senil Crafan page, "The background and thoughts of planningThere is a column to write about.

So, let's introduce the background and thoughts of planning the Senil event this time in more detail!

In addition, those who have held Senil events in the past will specifically describe the details of the events that were held in the past.

It will be easier for supporters to imagine what kind of project will be.♪

Introduced with photoby doing,"I also want to participate in such an event!I think the feeling of that expands ^ ^

It is Senil Crafan that will be created together with people with the same feelings.

By conveying your thoughts on the push, people who have the same feelings will agree!

By all means, let's excite the important days together (^o^)

A project plan that makes you want to participate!

There are various projects that can be realized, but it is not a general Senil advertisement such as Japan Street Vision and Transportation Advertising.

Times Square"" And the famous "Hongdae Station Digital Signage」「Plan around HYBE / SM / YG / JYP office"Such,

The point is to plan a large advertising medium that is difficult to realize by one person and a powerful project that is surprising!

I also want to participate in such an interesting large project!

I think that more people will increase♪

"" ""Sense of accomplishmentThe point is to launch an interesting project that can taste " ^ ^

Increase return variations!

One of the benefits of Senil Crafan is the projectThe supporters responded to the amount of supportYou can get a return product!

If it is a return product that can only be obtained in that project,Special feelingI want you to have it ^ ^

Increasing the variations of the return product will further increase the willingness of the supporters.♪

Speaking of general return productsTrekaSticker,It is a cup holder, etc.

In the past, as an example of a return product at Senil Crafan, which had a great response

Mirror mirror

Memo pad

Mini tote bag

Commemorative cloth poster

There were a wide variety of return products, from practical goods to memorable goods for the rest of the lifetime!

In this way, it is sure that the supporter will be more pleased by working on the return product.♪

Stick to disseminate information on SNS!

 Once the Senil Crafan page is completed, we will recruit supporters who can support Senil Crafans on their SNS!

 There, tooEasy benefits and details of Senil Crafan participationIs describedFeelings for pushingorA compelling feelings calling for cooperation with youTweetBy doing so, I think that more people can agree!

in this way,

"▶ ︎ Tokyo, Okayama, Cappheibe nationwide ▶ ︎An advertisement in Korea ▶

Such,It is also important to describe the outline of Senil Crafan and the merits of participation, and consider the conductor that moves to the Senil Crafan page!

Also,"I want to celebrate the 17 -year -old Niki -kun ..."orI want to make Gyeongsu -kun the happiest person in space on January 12, 2023"Such,

By tweeting the compelling thoughts that the same recommended people can sympathize with, you will want to participate more.♪

When recruiting supporters on SNS, it is important to tweet the eyes of the fans!


Until now, we have introduced tips for disseminating information on "Senil Crafan". How was it?

In order to achieve "Senil Crafan", it is important to call for cooperation to those who support the same push through Senil Crafan Page and SNS!

your"I have a compelling feeling for pushing"When"I want to support you! FeelingIf you tell me honestly, you should agree♪

By all means, let's make an interesting large project and make the best memories for both the push and everyone (^o^)

Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

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