SUGA Senior Live Repo! Japan-Korea-Solphory relaying!



 March 9 was a birthday of BTS member SUGA♪

Therefore, in Senior Ads Agency Japan,On March 9, a birthday of SUGA, events around HYBE and events in Japan were relayed at the same time in Japan and Korea!

 This situation has remained as an archive in the Youtube account of Senior Ads Agency JAPAN, so if you missed a live broadcast,HerePlease see from♪

This time, I summarized this SUGA Senior Live (^ ○ ^)

 If you think "I want to put out a Senior Advertising!"♪

Senior event introduction near Hybe

 SUGA Senior Event was held at the cafe near Hybe and bus shelters♪

Therefore, in Senior Live,We introduced what kind of time events have been held while talking to the Cafe's capacity.

Cafe introduction

First of all, we will introduce the Senior events held in the cafe near Hybe!

In the cafe here, not only banner ads and posters celebrating SUGA Senior, but also other member goods and posters were also published, and it was a cafe full of BTS love♪

 It was a Suga video on a large screen TV, distributing goods unique to Sendo Event, and it was a sunny event that can be enjoyed (^ ^)

In addition, I was able to talk to the capacity to talk!

That person is likely to live in Korea one year ago from overseas♪

Seven years ago, with BTS fans, Korean will be studying for one year and can be spoken (^ ○ ^)

It is amazing that you live in Korea 1 year ago and worked in a cafe who likes the Senior of BTS that you used to come from now ^ ^


Bus shelter

 SUGA's Senga's advertisement was also out to the bus stop and the bus stop in front of Hybe!

A little bit of the image quality, but if you want to see a little more three-dimensional, the archive is left to youTube of Senior Ads Agency JAPAN, so please take a look (^ ○ ^)


Senior exhibition near Hybe

 I went to the place where SUGA's Senior exhibition was held at the topic spot near Hybe♪

There were a lot of photo spots to shine, and it was a very beautiful exhibition!

Not only Korean fans, but also exhibits that Chinese fans are issued, and it was a space that can realize that BTS is loved from all over the world (^ ○ ^)

Senior Event Introduction of Shin Ogubo / Harajuku

  Even in Japan, events to celebrate SUGA Seni in Shin Ogubo and Harajuku etc. were held!

Therefore, I would like to see what kind of event was done for each shop♪

Shin Okubo I♡d♡I Park

It is a shop full of BTS goods at the entrance to the main street of Shin-Okubo♪

This time, SUGA's poster was greatly displayed with SUGA Senior!

In addition, many DVDs of BTS V LIVE "Run Banthan" were also sold (^ ○ ^)

Shin Okubo K-Star Plus

In K-Star Plus in Shin-Okubo,A lot of TV screens are lined up, and many posters in the ceiling were suspended, and it was a space that can enjoy shopping while fully looking at BTS♪

Shin Okubo Twick Street

In the handsome street in Shin-Okubo, there were a lot of original goods and BTS goods celebrating SUGA Senior♪

also,The Suga's Suga's Senior Banner ad was also exhibited in Japan, and it was a very beautiful and noticeable banner ad (^ ○ ^)

Besides, even in the shop called Magic Shop and Master's in the handsome street, a Senior event was held, and the fans were lined up!

Harajuku CHUU CAFE

Harajuku,There is a shop called "CHUU CAFE", which is a member of the Senior Event with a Camping Car!

So far, not only BTS but also other idols' s sales events were also conducted by camper ^ ^

here,I chose SUGA cup holder with a number from a lot of many types♪

It looks very fun to choose a cup holder from a lot of designs (^ ○ ^)

Harajuku Cafe The Standard

The shop called "Cafe the Standard" in Harajuku was a very good atmosphere for a quite Senior Event!

 Not only BTS but also other idol cup holders are also loaded, and for K-POP fans, it became a happy space♪

In addition, this time is SUGA Senior Event, not only large posters and goods,I think that it was placed to the perfume of SUGA, and it was a space that is unbearable (^ ○ ^)


Harajuku Takeshita street

Many goods and posters were out to celebrate SUGA Senior, even in Takeshita-dori of Harajuku♪


Senior Advertising in Unicavision

  Senior Ads Agency JAPAN is in Tokyo Shinjuku"Unicavision"Suga's Senga's Senior Advertising!

It is very valuable to celebrate the birthday of idol in such a large vision, and the fans will be commemorated and you will be pleased.♪

We are not only SUGA but also a number of idol's Senior Advertising in "Unicavision" (^ ○ ^)

 Please feel free to contact us if you think that "I want to put out Senior Advertising in Vision!"♪


So far, we have delivered the day of the Suga's Senior Event relay of SUGA Senior Event, which was done the other day, but how was it?

I think that it is a special time, as it is not a good thing to be able to see Suga's birthday on the day of Japan and Korea.♪

Now it is difficult to go to Korea and enjoy the snow event, but if you can't go, I'm glad if you enjoy the Korean events and enjoy it (^ ○ ^)

 In the futureSenior Advertising Agency JAPAN will continue to broadcast various idol's Senior events at the same time Korea!

As you can inform you at the official SNS etc., I'm glad if you check it♪

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