[Miyagi/Aichi/Kyoto/Okayama/Tokushima] Introducing a cafe that can be held! All agency, such as cafe arrangements and production! Senil crafan information that can be reduced!


Recently, a cup holder event that has been often held in Japan (hereinafter "Cap Hoi Event")!

Nowadays, a Capphei event is being held at cafes around the country to celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of idols.♪

However, when we plan to plan the Cap Hoi event,

It's hard to negotiate directly with the manager of the cafe ...」「I have to ask another place to produce a cup holder ...

It takes a lot of time (;;)

At Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, we respond to such troubles

From cafes arrangements that can be held nationwide to Capphei events to Capho production and event announcementsWe are doing everything on your behalf!

So this timeIntroducing a cafe where we can hold Cap Hoi Event in Miyagi/Aichi/Kyoto/Okayama/Tokushima that we affiliated with.

I want to hold a capo event in a rural area, not in the city center! "

If you think, please take a look (^○^)

In addition, we have introduced cafes that can be used in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka, so please take a look!

★Cuphe event information in TokyoHere

★Cuphe event information in OsakaHere

★Capphena event information in FukuokaHere

What is a cup holder event?

everyone is,"Cup holder eventHave you ever been?

Recently, it is a cup holder event that has been held in many cases in Japan, but it is generally widely held in Korea!

Senil cafes such as cup holder events are not the official event of the idol office,Fans and fan masters are organizersIt will be done.

I want to support my favorite idol! One of the activities by fansand,It is held at a cafe, etc. according to the birthday, anniversary commemoration, and announcement event.♪

mainly,The original design cup holder is installed in the cafe and distributed to those who purchased the drink (^o^)

In addition, it is held at a cafe, etc. according to the KPOP idol's birthday, anniversary, and announcement event, making it a place for fans who support the same push.♪

It is also a place to enjoy talking about the recommendation together at the cafe, taking photos with the decoration of the cafe (^○^).

Cute shops, cup holders, and spaces full of recommendations are irresistible for fans.♡

Introducing a cafe that can be held in a rural area♪

In the past, we have introduced cafes that can be held in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka, but

This time, I want to hold a capo event in rural areas! In response to the voice

We are affiliatedIntroducing a cafe that can be held in "Miyagi, Aichi, Kyoto, Okayama, Tokushima"!

By all means, I want to open a capo event not only in the city center but also in rural areas! If you think, please refer to it ^ ^

Miyagi 𝑐𝑎𝑓𝑒

The first cafe to be introduced is "𝑐𝑎𝑓𝑒" in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture!

 This cafe is the largest KPOP cafe in the Tohoku region, and is a cafe where you can also enjoy the Genso Sendai cheese tea!

It is a very popular cafe, with the second store open, and many K-POP idol Capphei events have been held.♪

In the store, not only posters but also stylish decorations such as gorgeous balloons and dried flowers are possible, so it will definitely shine (^○^).

★Arrange the cafe here →HereRegister LINE!

  • Address: (Head Office) 307-8 207-8, Miyagino-ku
  • (2nd store) 1-10-10 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai Loft B1F
  • Business hours: 12: 00-18: 00
  • Instagram:Calmbiyori
  • Twitter:@calmbiyori

Aichi Neo Cafe

The second is the Korean cafe "Neo Cafe" in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture!

Neo cafe where many Capphei events are held every month!

It is a white tone, and you can decorate luxurious and beautiful decorations by pasting balloons and poster photos.♪

In addition, there is a heart -shaped mirror in the store, so it is a space where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a Korean cafe (^○^).

★Arrange the cafe here →HereRegister LINE!
  • Address: 5-3-4 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Sakae Gold Building 2F
  • Business hours: 11: 00 ~ 20: 00
  • Instagram:Neo__cafe
  • Twitter:@neo___cafe

Kyoto NEMS Cafe

The third café is "NEMS CAFE" in Kyoto!

This is a cafe that just opened in January 2022!

Located near the Kyoto Imperial Palace, it is a hideaway cafe in a white building.♪

The inside of the store is also a white tone, and it has a refreshing and calm atmosphere!

You can also enjoy pizza, desserts, glowing drinks, etc., and you can also enjoy delicious food along with the recommended activities (^○^).

★Arrange the cafe here →HereRegister LINE!
  • Address: 211 Oharaguchi -cho, Kamigyo -ku, Kyoto -shi, Kyoto
  • Business hours: 11: 00-22: 30 (Tuesday closed)
  • Instagram:NEMSCAFE
  • Official HP:Here

Okayama Cafe Melm

The fourth introduction is the Korean cafe "Cafe Melm" in Okayama City!

K-POP cafe in Korea in Okayama city!

There have been many K-POP idol Capphei events so far.♪

Because it is a Korean cafe, the inside of the store is also Korean specifications, so you can feel like traveling (^○^).

Also, at the entrance of the store, you can also get a large banner ad, so it will definitely be a luxurious Capphe event!

★Arrange the cafe here →HereRegister LINE!
  • Address: 3-5 Sachi -cho, Kita -ku, Okayama -shi, Okayama, Amista Sachicho
  • Business hours: 11: 00-18: 00
  • Instagram:cafe_melum
  • Twitter:@Cafe_melum

Okayama Farm Cafe Fuji/Nomad Bana Neopolis store

Next, we will introduce "Farm Cafe Fuju" in Akaiwa City, Okayama Prefecture!

"Farmer's cafe wat", which offers menus using self -cultivated vegetables and fruits (fresh vegetables purchased from other farmers) of farmers who are farmers!

It is a space where you can relax with a snack cafe, so you can enjoy morning and cafes.♪

If you want to use it as a Senil Cafe, you will be able to make an original menu if you wish!

Please enjoy the activities with delicious drinks (^○^)

 ★Arrange the cafe here →HereRegister LINE!

  • Address: Sakuragaoka Nishi 32-1 Sakuragaoka, Akaiwa City, Okayama Prefecture
  • Business hours: 8: 00-17: 00 [Saturdays and Sundays]
  •  9: 00-17: 00 [Moon Water]
  • Instagram:Nomad_banana_fuji
  • HPHere


Tokushima Cafe JAEMI

The last cafe to be introduced is "Cafe Jaemi" in Tokushima City!

This is a cafe that specializes in Senil events such as the Capoi event that opened last year!

Until now, Caphane events of gorgeous idols such as BTS, ENHYPEN, and TWICE have been held.♪

You can decorate photos and posters all over the store, and you can enjoy a special space wrapped in pushing ^ ^ ^ ^

Another feature is that you can taste Korean food!

 ★Arrange the cafe here →HereRegister LINE!

  • Address: 1-8-18 Minamiya Michimachi, Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture
  • Business hours: 12: 00-18: 00
  • Instagram:cafe___jaemi
  • Twitter:@CAFE_JAEMI


Use Senil Crafan to hold a Capho event!

I would like to do a Cuphe event, but I'm worried about the cost and I'm very ready to prepare ...Isn't there a lot of people?

This time, I would like to introduce such a person.Senil Crafan"^^

What is Senil Crafan?

Launched a project to launch a Senil advertisement (Senil event) that individuals are launched and plannedIt is a service that all agree with support money and realize Senil advertising (Senil event) ^^

The big advantage is that people who agree with the project can give a large -scale event and advertisements that are difficult to put out alone!

We also support the project launch to advertising arrangements, payment management, delivery management, etc. together with the planners.♪

In this way, there are many cases in which Senil Crafans actually planned and achieved or higher.♪

In addition, there are cases where Capphei event has been held nationwide with support money, and it is easier for individuals to hold Capphei events by utilizing Senil Crafan!

In addition, Senil Crafan's "supporterBy becoming, you can participate in the recommended Senil Cafe project! Because it is a great strength of Senil Crafan ^^

For those who support the project, we offer return products made in part of the support money.♪

If you do not reach the target amount, there will be no commission and will be refunded to your supporters, so don't worry.

If you are worried about Senil Crafan, we will also provide free chat and telephone consultation on the official LINE, so please feel free to contact us!

If you want to know more about Senil Crafans, please take a look here!


Until now, we have introduced five cafes where you can hold a cup holder event in rural areas. How was it?

Until now, even those who have felt that it takes a lot of time and effort to hold a cup holder event,

If you ask us, we will do everything from arranging cafes to design production and event announcements!

If you want to hold a cup holder event in other prefectures, we also have a partner with cafes such as Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, so please feel free to contact us on the official LINE (^○^).

In addition, there are some articles about cup holders.♪

Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

Looking at the examples introduced this time, many people may feel like "I want to give Senil advertising!"♪

If you are worried, "I don't have the courage to advertise ..." "Isn't it difficult to go?"

If you register the official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solves concerns about cheering advertising!

It is safe to be able to consult by phone as well as chat to the staff.♪

You can complete LINE only from consultation -medium arrangement -design production to advertising reports!

First of all, please register as a LINE friend ^^

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