How to implement a cup holder event! A thorough explanation of the cost and preparation flow!



In Korea, according to the birthday and debut anniversary of the idol,Cup holder event that distributes the original design cup holder in cafeIs often done♪

Recently, cafes that can be held mainly in Japan's urban areas have also increased, and it is a topic that it can be held freely even with individuals!

So this time,I would like to explain how to implement a cup holder event with a request for requesting or expensive!

Let's carry out a cup holder event!

Cup Holder Event Executive Cost

Cup holder event to be held by celebrating the birthday and anniversary anniversary.

It is frequently held in urban areas such as Tokyo and Osaka, and if there are people who like K-POP, isn't it one time there?

Cute shops and cup holders, spaces full of prostheses are birch for fans♡

Event implementation requires various preparations, but anyone can be held freely if it is different!

Cup Holder Event Flow to Implementation

What kind of preparation is necessary to implement the cup holder event?

Most flow from preparation to implementationI would like to introduce!

1 Determine the event time

Let's decide the event holding time according to the birthday and the anniversary of the guess♪

We recommend that you start planning from about three months ago with a margin!

Early preparation is important not to "not in time for events implementation"!


2 Arrange a cafe

Let's query and request a cafe carrying a cup holder event!

Since the reservation may be filled, let's inquire as soon as possible.

Cup Holder Event Executive Cost

As the cup holder event can be implemented, please refer to it by all means!

➡︎10 cafes carrying a cup holder event! 【Tokyo · Osaka · Fukuoka · Nagoya】


3 Decide the Cup Holder Production Agent

Contact your vendor who is replacing the cup holder production and ask for production.

Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN is also working for cup holder production, so please feel free to contact us ^ ^



4 Cup Holder Design Production and Publishing

Produces design along templates such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

※ Since the size differs depending on the cafe, let's make sure to confirm!

Cup Holder Event Executive Cost

PersonalIf you are difficult to design, you can also request an agent company!

After the design is decided, you will be submitted to the printing company through the agent.

5 Notification

Let's actively announce the event with SNS such as Twitter and Instagram!

In addition, if you request an agent, we will make an event announcement with the notification flyer production and the official site or SNS!

By doing so, more advertising effects are increasing, leading to attracters ^ ^


6 Delivery and event implementation in cafe

Delivered a cup holder or decorative product that I ordered, and it is finally the event implementation!

Let's attract the event and enliven the event!

Cup Holder Event Executive Cost

How long is the budget for the event?

Depending on the scale, the cost is included, including cafe costs and goods production costsAbout 5 to 150,000 yenIt seems that it takes.

 It is likely to be able to invest from fans like a cloud funding, so it is necessary to finish financing well.


What do you prepare other than the cup holder?

Besides the cup holder,Photocards, stickers and other decorationsIf you prepare, you can make more events gorgeous♪

In addition, when making a venue, you can create an ideal space if you tell the decorative image in advance to the cafe ^ ^

Cup Holder Event Executive Cost

If the cup holder has remained

Cup holder production is usuallyFrom at least 500Isn't there a lot of distributing?

In that caseMail to someone who can not participate in the eventIt seems that there are many cases♪

I'm glad if you can get a cup holder and goods that one by one person to get the cup holder and goods that you produce it ^ ^


Let's open a cup holder event!

Cup Holder Event Executive Cost

This time, we have introduced the "Cup Holder Event Implementation How to Implement Cup Holder Event".

As individuals can easily be held easily, please try to challenge if you are interested.

Cup Holder production agent is Senior Advertising Agency Japan!

Cup Holder Event Executive Cost

If you are considering holding a cup holder event, please use Senior Ads Agency JAPAN!

We will support the event smoothly ^ ^

The contents that we can support are as follows.

Support content
  1. Cup holder production agent
  2. Design production agent
  3. Korean cafe installation agency(Mapo area only)

I would like to explain in detail each!


Cup holder production agent

Cup Holder Event Executive Cost

Conduct the production agent for the cup holder!

The price and delivery period are as follows.

Number of orders Production plan price
92 pie 98 pie

Normal plan

(About 1 month)

27,000 yen ¥ 28,000

Limited express plan

(About 25 days)

37,300 yen 38,300 yen

Super-express plan

(About 14 days)

49,500 yen 50,500circle
1000 pieces

Normal plan

(About 1 month)

40,500 yen 41,500circle

Limited express plan

(About 25 days)

50,300 yen 51,300circle

Normal plan

(About 1 month)

56,000 yen 57,000circle

Limited express plan

(About 25 days)

65,300 yen 66,300circle
2000 pieces

Normal plan

(About 1 month)

72,000 yen 73,000circle

Limited express plan

(About 25 days)

81,300 yen 82,300circle

 Cup holder500 (1 box) unitCan be produced byPrice is 27,000 yen (excluding tax)is.

"There is no time to the event implementation!"Super-express planIs recommended!


Design production agent

Cup Holder Event Executive Cost

Cup holder design requires dedicated software such as an illustrator, so if it is difficult to design with individuals, you will also have a design production agent!

I will design according to the customer's wishes♪

also,Notification for SNS FlyerIt can also be produced, so please contact us ^ ^

The price is as follows.

item Price (tax)
Design production agent

10,000 yen

Flyer for SNS notification

¥ 5,000


Korean Cafe Installation Support

Cup Holder Event Executive Cost

"I want to do a cup holder event at a Korean cafe, but I can not actually go", I will support the installation agency!

Please send decorations and distribution items in the cafe and tell the desired decoration ^ ^

※ Installation agency is only Korea Seoul Mapo area.

Price is 15,000 yen (excluding tax)


First of all, please contact LINE!

Detailed contents are described in the following articles, so please see it ^ ^

Korean Cup Holder production agent! Introduce expenses and types [Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN]

First of all, please feel free to contact us at LINE♪

When registering the official line of Senior Ads Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solutions will be solved about your support ads!

Of course chat to the staffIt is safe to consult with the phone♪

Consultation-Media Arrangement-Design Production-Admain Report Only LINE can be completed!

First of all, please register your LINE friend ^ ^


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