[August 2022] Introducing super luxurious K-POP idols that are Kamba in August such as TWICE and TXT! Up to Camba Memorial support advertising examples♪


August 2022 is a very popular K-POP idol's cam ballache!

Camba information has been announced one after another from each office, and the feeling that it will be the hottest summer for fans♪

This time, we will introduce K-POP idols who are preparing for Kamba and support advertising examples issued in the commemoration of Kamba!

If you can't wait for the day of Kamba, or if you want to be familiar with the idols that are Kamba, please check them out.♪

[Latest] K-POP idol introduction in August!

From here, K-POP idols scheduled for Kamba in August 2022,Schedule(As of the announcement on July 26, 2022)♪

The idols that come to Kamuba in August are only groups that are active not only in Japan but also all over the world, so attention is attracting attention!

YENA (former IZ*ONE)


Former IZ*ONE member Yena made a solo debut in January 2022.

She said on August 3rdSmartphoneI will come with a mini album♪

Her debut song "Smiley" was a bright tune like her, who is also active in variety shows, but this time a little cool side can be seen!

YENA is the strongest visual and character. Her new charm is likely to explode ( ^ o ^)



The legendary girl group, Girls' Generation, which caused a Korean wave boom in Japan.

HowOn August 8th, her full album "Forever 1"andHer for the first time in five yearsI will fulfill Kamba!

You plan to record a total of 10 songs of various charms♪

The girls' age, who had been going to eat with the members who left the group, were uploading them on SNS.

A new album that all of them are tied with such a strong bond!

There is no doubt that it will be the best masterpiece ever♪ 



On August 11th, a mini album "YouthHer debut in JapanWEI is a 6 -member boys group excavated on audition programs.

In the first Japanese performance held in April this year, tickets for all five performances were sold out in a few hours!

It is an idol that is rising rapidly to hold the world tour (^o^)

We are also actively performing signing sessions, so we may be able to meet at close range.♪



TXT of the five -member boys group, which debuted as a BTS brother.

Repackage album "Challenge of Chaos: Fight of Escape], On August 17th!

They have an outstanding look that appears in a girl manga and the overwhelming performance power, and they also appear in M ​​-Steps, and are very popular in Japan ( ^ ^).

The production of the MV drawn into the mysterious world view is also attractive, and it is highly likely that you will be addicted to "swamps" different from BTS.♪



AB6IX, a four -member boys group, made his debut in Japan last November.

On August 17th, a mini album that also included Japanese original songs.SaviorI will do Japanese Kamba!

AB6IX, which belongs to "Brandnew Music", famous for nurturing hip -hop singers, is in the middle of "idol" and "artist".

It is a group with a unique member with a unique member.♪



The popular IVE is a popular explosion, with the previous work "Love Dive" recorded a long hit in Korea.

August 22, 3rd single album "After LikeCamba!

Former IZ*ONE's Won Young, Yujin, Japanese Ray, etc. are attractive to the starters.

It is a group that looks and relaxed with the good friends between the members.♪ 



TWICE re-contracted the K-POP Jinx, which is said to be "many groups that disband in the seventh year".

Mini album "BETWEEN1 & 2], On August 26, the long -awaited Kamba is decided! !

Many people have been moved by the bonds of members who confront any difficulties, such as members with different nationality and poor physical condition of Mina and John Young.

It's an idol that will flap more to the world from now on♪



BLACKPINK is the first Kamba in about one year and 10 months.

The detailed schedule has not been decided yet, but "Camba with a Blackpink -like songIs announced by the office!

Is it a song with a strong girl's crash ...? ! Expectations are high (^o^)

Rose and Lisa make a solo debut last year, and continues to level up to groups that are more prominent.♪

Supported advertising examples commemorating Kamba

From now on, we will introduce support advertisements that have been issued to commemorate Kamba in the past!

EveryoneLet's further excite the recommended Kamba through cheering advertisements (^○^)

Regarding support/Senil advertising, if you have any concerns, we will provide free consultation on the official LINE, so please feel free to contact us!

It is also an opportunity to connect between fans, so please check it out.♪


This is to commemorate SHINee's comeback in February 2021Hokkaido / Tokyo / Osaka / FukuokaIt is a cheering advertisement issued in four cities!

By issuing support advertisements not only in one place but also all over the country, you will have more opportunities for many fans to see it.♪


This is to commemorate Kamba in BtoB's Lim Hyun -sik's solo.Instagram StorizandIt is a cheering advertisement!

Instagram's Storiz advertisement is very popular because it is an advertising medium that can be easily transmitted to people around the world.♪


How about K-POP idols that come to Kamba in August?

There should be many people who can come across new pushes this summer♪

Let's make your chest squeak and expect too gorgeous Kamba!

In the future, I hope that you can further excite your promotional Kamba through cheering advertisements (^o^).


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