Unknown Lunar New Year culture! Compare the Lunar New Year in Korea/China! When is the Lunar New Year in 2023? How to spend and what you always eat?


Everybody,"Lunar New YearHave you ever heard the word?

In Japan, there is a "New Year" culture, but there is also a culture called "Lunar New Year" in the neighboring country, Korea and China!

Therefore, this time, we will introduce in detail how to spend the "Lunar New Year" in Korea and China, which is not surprisingly known, even though it is a culture of a familiar country.♪

You may find a new discovery, such as a completely different part of the Japanese New Year culture!

please,Knowing the "Lunar New Year" culture, Korea and ChinaI hope you can feel closer (^o^)

What is Lunar New Year?

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Have you ever heard the word "Lunar New Year"?

In the world, there are many countries that celebrate the start of the New Year again, taking the rest of the year that the Japanese people take the new year around February!

Actually, these countries celebrate at this time.Lunar New Year」♪

The so -called New Year's Day (January 1st) at the time of the lunar calendar will be welcomed here, spending the "New Year" in Japan, and in familiar countries, Korea and China still take care of this Lunar New Year. That's ^^

So why is there such differences in familiar countries like Japan and China and China? !

A custom that celebrates the "Lunar New Year", a custom that is not very familiar to Japan.

Especially in Asian countries, Japan is still an unusual country without the Lunar New Year in Asia!

However, it is said that this culture and calendar are very related (*'꒳`*).

Even in Japan, the days when the lunar calendar used the lunar calendar was also celebrating the New Year in the "Lunar New Year"!

However, since the Meiji era, when interaction with overseas countries has become popular,

At this time, with the Western countries that had already used the Gregorian calendar (= the new calendar, the current calendar in Japan)

In Japan, which used the lunar calendar, there was a gap on the date.

So, from Meiji 5, "Trying to match the world standard"Japan has changed to use the new calendar, and from that point on, it is said that the" Lunar New Year ", which was naturally celebrated in the lunar calendar era, is no longer celebrated in Japan!

It turns out that the customs of the Lunar New Year are greatly related to interaction with overseas and how to count the day of the year.♪

So what are the Lunar New Year countries still have the customs of the Lunar New Year? ?

This time, I will look at Korea and China as an example ^^

[Korean edition] Do you know unexpectedly? ! Introducing the Lunar New Year culture!

in Korean"설날, 설 (Solum, Sol)Lunar New Year called♪

If you go on a Korean trip at this time, isn't the urban shop open? ! As it is said,

It is considered a congratulations in Korea, but what kind of time do Koreans spend?

2023 When is the Lunar New Year in Korea?

In fact, the Lunar New Year is different from the year!

The South Korea Sollal, Lunar New Year schedule in 2023 is as follows.♪  

January 21st (Sat) -An January 24th (Tuesday)

This year, there is a four -day holiday, so let's take a look at how to spend the Lunar New Year holidays!

How to spend?

In South Korea's Sollal, the Lunar New Year is said to have a style that enjoys the group while gathering and dining together to celebrate the New Year.♪

Especially during this period, the people move to their hometown!

Of course, some people travel abroad using consecutive holidays, just like Japanese holidays,

Trying to spend time with family in the country as possible, and people flow more in the local area than to go to sightseeing spots and large cities!

The biggest reason to go to meet families and relatives living in their hometown is "To greet the New Year」。

This is a part that overlaps with the Japanese New Year culture (´ ▽ `)

In Korea배 (Sebe)There is a custom of giving greetings to pray for the new year's health to the superior family, relatives, and those who are usually taking care of the New Year!

Here is the situation!

The greetings are slightly different for men and women, and it is 배 (Sebe) to greet the children in this way.♪

It turns out that it is a Korean style to greet the New Year and spend time gathering and enjoying the group!

Indeed, it can be said that Korean culture, which cares about the family more than anything else.♪

Next time, I would like to see what kind of traditional things that appear in the Sollal, Lunar New Year are!

Things that appear in the Lunar New Year (food, preparation, etc.)

Food "떡국 (Tokuku, Tock)"

The food that Koreans always eat in Sollal "떡국 (Tokuku, toock)」!

It is a standard New Year's classic dish, which is very similar to Japan eating zoni during the New Year.♪

Unlike Japanese rice cakes, it is a soup with a finely sliced ​​rice cake, and is a traditional Korean dish!

In many cases, meat, eggs, glue, etc. are often attached, and how to make it is surprisingly simple food ^ ^

In Korea, it seems that "eating a cup of tokuku and getting one year old".♪

Clothes "설빔 (sorbim)"

Prepare and wear a formal dress, "설빔 (Sorbim)」!

It is a sunny clothes worn during the so -called New Year, and it is one of the traditional costumes that you rarely wear unless you have the opportunity like a kimono.

It seems that they often wear small children cute or wear like a New Year's event.♪

Gifts [뱃돈 (Sebetton)/설 선물 트 트 (Sol Song Mul Set)]

뱃돈 (Sebetton)

In Japan, """New Year's ball".

Korean children will get them from grandparents and relatives adults after the New Year's greeting (Sebe).♪

It's strange that the format is very similar to Japan!

Also, in Korea, when you grow up, you often give money to parents and grandparents!

설 선물 트 (Sol Song Mul Set)

This is also very similar to Japan,South Korea has the habit of giving "year -end gifts" in Japan!

In particular, food gifts are popular, such as Korean beef, meat, ginseng, Korean seaweed sets, seasoning sets, and cans set for spam.

It seems that classic foods are often given in Korean food.♪

[China] What is the difference between Japan and Korea? Introducing the Lunar New Year in China!

In Chinese, the Chinese New Year is read as Chunjie in the Chinese New Year!

In China, it is said that the New Year's New Year will be more exciting than the year of year.♪

In addition, it will be a major event for the people in China because it will be a one -week holiday longer than the New Year holidays!

Let's take a look at how Chinese people are spending this period!

2023 When is the Lunar New Year in China?

It is said that the day of China is different every year in the Chinese New Year and the Spring New Year!

The following Chinese New Year's New Year's Day schedule in China is as follows.

January 22nd (Sun)Is the Chinese New Year day

January 21 (Sat) -An January 27th (Friday)It seems that it will be a consecutive holiday period♪

The General New Year holidays in Korea were four days, so China will take a longer break!

How to spend?

In Japan, the number of Chinese tourists has suddenly increased around February, and some people may have seen explosion buying and group tours.

Therefore, it may be the image of enjoying traveling abroad in the Spring Festival, butIn fact, it is said that the whole family often celebrates at home.♪

For Chinese, the Chinese New Year is a long vacation period, of course, because it is one of the most important people in the year!

In China, it is said that this situation is also described as a large ethnic movement because a large number of people move here and there during this spring holiday.♪

With the size of the land and the large population, you can imagine a little about the state of the Lunar New Year unique to China (*^ω^*).

So you can't imagine it in Japan? ! Let's take a look at what kind of things are unique to the Chinese New Year.♪

Things that appear in the Lunar New Year (food, preparation, etc.)

Food "Annual evening meal"

Cooking lined up on the dining table of the Chinese New Year, "Meal of the year」。

In China, many dishes of even numbers are lined up on the dining table, thinking that even numbers are more auspicious numbers in China for a long time.♪

Here are three representative Spring New Year's food!

① Gyoza

Just like eating New Year's Eve soba on New Year's Eve in Japan, the whole family eats gyoza on New Year's Eve ^^

In China, the word "child" of "gyoza (child in China)" is said to represent the time zone from 23:00 to 25:00.

The gyoza is being eaten in the time when the date changes, that is, the new year that changes from the old year to the new year!

In addition, the shape of gyoza resembles the old Chinese money, so it seems that the whole family will eat "New Year's Gyoza" with the meaning of increasing fortune.♪

② Fish dishes

Sprinkle with the pronunciation of the kanji "fish" and the Chinese four -character idiom "year -old" pronunciation "YU", which means "I hope you can live a margin every year". ,

It is said to be a good food!

③ Tea & sunflower seeds (nuts)

The roasted sunflower seed is a standard Chinese snack, and you can eat it well with tea after eating!

Popular New Year's program "Spring New Year Elephant Kai"

In China, there are programs that excite new years like Japan!

that isSpring Festival Union」♪

Like the Japanese people's New Year's Eve's representative program "Red and White Singing Battle", it seems that performing arts will be performed regardless of genre, such as comedy, speech, and dance.

There are only super famous celebrities that everyone knows!

If you look at this, the spring festival will not start! It is a national New Year special program as such ^ ^

"Fuku" character & red paper "Spring An"

In the Chinese New Year, the decorations of "Fuku" are on the door of the Chinese house!

And the letters are decorated upside down!

The reason is that the pronunciation of "defeat (DAO)", which means upside -down, and "DAO", which means coming and arriving, is the same, so it means "fortune comes". that's right♪

In China, you can see that there are many customs that make sense in how to read kanji ^^

In addition to the fortune decoration, there are also customs to decorate bright red paper such as Spring!

This is a kind of custom that decorates the letters on the door, just like the letters of fortune, and in the spring New Year, it is said that red paper with a good luck phrase will be displayed at each house and the entrance of the shop. ^

It may be a custom that resembles a Japanese kadomatsu> <


What did you think?

Both South Korea and China are unique, and celebrated the New Year's New Year, which is different from Japan.♪

However, among them, it is quite similar to Japan, and in Japan! Surprisingly, there are many parts that overlap (*^ω^*)

Also, as introduced in this article, in the Lunar New Year, both countries are the most important events that the whole city celebrates and holidays!

Those who are planning to travel may be a more enjoyable trip if planned while considering the Lunar New Year.♪

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