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In Korea, the mainstream Senil advertisement (support advertisement), but recently the number of fans in Japan has increased ^^.

Especially recentlyGood cost performance that can be distributed to people around the world at a low priceThe fans performing Senil on SNS are increasing rapidly!

I think many people say, "I want to give Senil ads on SNS, but I don't know the cost or method."

So this timeSenil Advertising Agency JAPAN's Instagram/YouTube advertising agencyI will explain about!

Instagram/YouTube ads

What kind of Instagram and YouTube ads are there?

 I would like to introduce the characteristics of each ad!


Instagram advertisement

There are four types of Instagram ads suitable for Senil ads.

  • Photo advertisement
  • Video advertising
  • Carousel advertisement
  • Stories advertisement

I would like to explain that advertisement!


Photo advertisement

Senil advertising Instagram

Photo adsAn advertisement that displays one image + text on the feed.

There are three types of image size: horizontal (1.91: 1) / square (1: 1) / vertical length (4: 5).♪ 


Video advertising

Senil Advertising Instagram Louese Advertising Story

Video adsAn advertisement that displays a video (within 120 seconds) + text on the feed.

Since the video can be audio, it will be a sensitive advertisement that will be more attractive than the image. 


Carousel advertisement

Senil Advertising Instagram Louese Advertising Story

Carousel adsAn advertisement that displays 3 to 10 images / videos + text on the feedis.

Recommended for those who want to release Senil ads with various designs at once!


Stories advertisement

Senil advertising Instagram

Everyone is the most commonStory advertisingit might be?

Stories adsAn advertisement that uses images and videos throughout the smartphone screen is characterized by the easiest to see for!

The image can be played for 5 seconds, and the video can be played up to 120 seconds (15 seconds each).


YouTube advertisement

There are two types of YouTube ads suitable for Senil ads.

  • Instrum advertising | Skip possible
  • Instrum advertisement | Not skipping

I would like to explain the type and characteristics of that ad.


Instrum advertising | Skip possible

There is no limit on the length of the video, and you can skip 5 seconds after the advertisement starts.

If you are attracted to the end, you will be able to watch it until the end ^^

The recommendation of the video length is less than 3 minutes.


Instrum advertisement | Not skipping

It is an advertisement that cannot be skipped in 15 seconds of advertising.

Recommended for those who want to see the video until the end ^^


again,YouTube has a larger number of users than Instagram, and is characterized by the finer!


Actual introduction

I would like to introduce the results of our Instagram/YouTube advertising!



Di Hansol Birthday Advertising
  • [Media] Instagram Stories
  • [Implementation period] 2020/11/21
  • [Number of reach] 1,391,103 people


Henry Lau

Henry "Radio"1 million times of playback promotion
  • [Media] Instagram advertising feed (video)
  • [Implementation period] 2021/1/25
  • [Number of reach] 1,696,779 people



Isun birthday advertisement
  • [Middle] Instagram advertising feed (image)
  • [Implementation period] 2020/12/27 ~ 29
  • [Number of reach] 658,575 people


Expense plan

There are four cost plans:, B, C, D.

* You can choose the price freely, but we are making the optimal price plan from our achievements.

I would like to explain the details!



Plan-A isFocus on narrow areasRecommended if you want to advertise.

It can be distributed to two countries such as Japan and Korea, so you can easily advertise because the cost is low ^^

price 30,000 yen (excluding tax)
Targeting nationality

Up to 2 countries

Example) Japan, Korea etc ...

Advertising period Up to 3 days


PLAN-BFocus on East AsiaRecommended if you want to advertise.

Senil ads can be distributed to people other than Japan and South Korea who have expanded a little area!

price 50,000 yen (excluding tax)
Targeting nationality

Up to 5 countries

Example) Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand etc ...

Advertising period More than 2 days



PLAN-CCovers East Asia and Southeast AsiaRecommended if you want to advertise.

K-POP is quite popular not only in East Asia but also in Southeast Asia, so you can excite the recommended Senil with more fans ^^

price 70,000 yen (excluding tax)
Targeting nationality

Up to 2 areas

Example) Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines etc ...

Advertising period 3 days or more


PLAN-DAll over the worldRecommended if you want to deliver an ad.

If you send a world -famous idol Senil advertisement, you will get a reaction to Senil advertising from all over the world!

price 100,000 yen (excluding tax)
Targeting nationality Unlimited
Advertising period Unlimited

Advertising production

For those who are not good at design/videos using personal computers, we will act on advertising production!

We will produce advertisements according to your wishes ^^

CostsVideo 30,000 yen (excluding tax), still image 15,000 yen (excluding tax)is!


Precautions when requesting agency production
  • In the advertising production period3-5 business daysIt will take, so please apply with plenty of time.
  • The material used isHigh qualityPlease prepare.
  • The image of the idol to use isGained permission from the Idol affiliated officePlease use.
  • Design correctionUp to twiceIt is.


Flow from inquiry to submission

The flow to the advertising broadcast is as follows.

As much as possiblePlease apply 1-2 weeks before the advertising date.

In the near future, advertising may not be in time.

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN's strength

Introducing the strengths of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!


1. Dozens of results per month

Thanks to youWe support dozens of Senil ads every month ^^

In addition, we specialize in idol advertising, so we will respond to various concerns regarding Senil advertising!


We are supporting many Senil advertisements, so even if you are worried about Senil advertising, please leave it to Senil Advertising Agency Japan with confidence!


2. Advertising can be made in a minimum of 3 days

We will also contact us from those who say "I have no time until the birthday!"

To usDesigners/creators are resident, so you can make ads in a few days!

Even if you say "I have no dates and I will give up ...", please contact us first ^^


3. Japan -Korea support is available

Korean cup holder agency cost

We have Korean staff resident, soDesign production in Korean and Japan -Korea translation are also possible!

Even if you are uneasy in Korean, we will support you so that you can advertise Senil with confidence!


4. Other media are also possible

In addition to Instagram/YouTube adsStreet vision advertisements, traffic advertisements such as buses and stations, cup holder adsIt corresponds to various sensory advertisements!

I want to advertise Senil in other ways! Please feel free to contact us.♪

Please see the medium to be handled in this article!

➡︎[Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN] Japan / Korea Idol Supporting Advertising


Can I distribute ads from my personal account?
A. We do not use advertising operations from personal accounts. It will be distributed only from our


Is it possible to see the ads distributed from our account?
A. People who can see advertisements are random, so they cannot be seen.


Is it necessary to have an office permission for the image used?
A. Be sure to apply for permission to use to your office.

See this article for details on how to apply. 

➡︎Does Senil advertisement require permission from an idol office? Thorough explanation of prohibited items and guidelines!


Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

Please leave the Instagram advertisement on Youtube to Senil JAPAN ^^

If you register the official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solves concerns about cheering advertising!

Of course, chatting to the staff, It is safe to consult on the phone♪

You can complete LINE only from consultation -medium arrangement -design production to advertising reports!

First of all, please register as a LINE friend ^^


Twitter @birthday_ad_jp


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