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 Senil advertisements that have become mainstream in Japan recently, are there many people who want to publish Senil ads in Korea where their favorite idols live?

So this timeSubway advertising in KoreaMedium type, cost, period, etc.I would like to explain!


What is Senil advertising on the subway?

Korean Senil advertising subway expense location

Senil advertisements on the subway are the mainstream idol support ads in Korea.

The fans will advertise and celebrate the birthday of idols and their debut with other fans ^^

The fact that subway advertisements are popular is that you can post Senil ads for a long time in a place with a lot of traffic!


Actual introduction

Here are some of the subway advertisements we supported!


Enhypen niki

Senil advertising subway Korean expense location
Enhypen ni-ki birthday commemoration
  • [Medium name] CM monitor
  • [Station name] Non -hyun station
  • [Implementation period] 11/15 ~ 12/15
  • [Broadcast plan] 20 seconds once/h


TWICE peach

TWICE Momo Birthday Commemorative
  • [Medium name] CM monitor
  • [Station name] Gangnam Ward Office Station
  • [Implementation period] 11/1 to 11/30
  • [Broadcast plan] 20 seconds once/h 



Korean Senil advertising subway expenses agency place
VAV ACE Birthday Commemorative
  • [Medium name] Wide advertisement
  • [Station name] Mitsunari Station
  • [Implementation period] late July to late August


My.ST Gon

My.st Gonu's birthday commemoration
  • [Medium name] CM monitor
  • [Station name] Non -hyun station
  • [Implementation period] 12/10 ~ 1/9
  • [Broadcast plan] 20 seconds once/h


Subway advertising type, cost, period

The main types of media are as follows.

I would like to explain the cost and the posting period.


CM monitor

South Korea Senil Advertising Subway

The cost is relatively easy and popularCM monitoris.

You can play a 20 -second video/still image.

It is often installed in front of the ticket gate with a lot of traffic, and it is characterized by many people.

  • [Format] Video/still image (soundless)
  • [Price] about 80,000 yen ~
  • [Broadcast period] 1 month ~


The cheapest in the Korean subway advertisement, the easiest to secure an advertising frame


Video/image is airless broadcast


Wide advertising

Korean subway Senil advertising expenses

It can be largely posted on the entire wallWide advertisingis.

You can put a large photo of idols, so it is outstanding impact.

  • 【format】Printed matter
  • [Price] Approximately 220,000 yen
  • [Broadcast period] 1 month ~


Large size and outstanding impact!


The price is more expensive than other media


light box

Korean Senil advertising subway expense location


It's not well known, but it's close to a squarelight boxThere is also.

If you say "wide advertisements are expensive", we recommend that you use a light box.♪

  • [Format] Printed matter
  • [Price] About 100,000 yen ~
  • [Broadcast period] 1 month ~


Relatively cheap in the Korean subway advertisement


It is difficult to secure an advertising slot


Mini poster advertisement

Korean Senil advertising subway expense location 

The price is cheap and easy to advertiseMini poster advertisementis.

If you wish, you can collect posters at the end of the post, so you can leave it at hand ^^

  • 【format】Printed matter
  • [Price] Approximately 300,000 yen
  • [Broadcast period] 6 months ~


You can receive posters after the advertisement is over


The posting period is at a minimum of 6 months ~


LED large monitor

Korean Senil advertising subway expense location

Two big ads using screensLED large monitoris.

If you send an advertisement on a large screen installed in the aisle, you will definitely get attention! !

  • [Format] Video/still image (audio)
  • [Price] Approximately 280,000 yen
  • [Broadcast period] 1 month ~


You can play images all over the wall, and it is easy for pedestrians to attract attention


Higher than other media


DID advertising

Korean Senil advertising subway expense location

It is installed next to the stairs and the escalatorDID advertisingis.

It is very gorgeous because you can advertise on multiple screens ^^

Recommended medium for those who want to post Senil ads with various designs.♪

  • [Format] Video/still image (soundless)
  • [Price] about 230,000 yen ~
  • [Broadcast period] 2 weeks ~


You can play many designs and images at once


The advertisement that flows at one time is short for 10 seconds


Recommended station introduction

For those who want to send Senil advertisements to the Korean subway, we will introduce popular stations and media for those who do not know which station is good!


Popular station

Kodai entrance station

It is Kodai entrance station where young people gather.

There are cute cafes and clothing stores around the area ^^

The installation medium at Kodai entrance station isCM monitor, wide advertising, DID, large LED monitor, etc.is.

Korean Subway Advertising Expenses Agency Hongda Hongda
Kodai Station DID Advertising


Korean Subway Advertising Expenses Agency Hongda Hongda


Kodai Station LED Large monitor


Gangnam Station 

It is an area where shopping districts and restaurants gather around Gangnam Station, which is a place where many people come and go.

The installation medium of Gangnam Station isCM monitor, DID advertisement, wide advertisementEtc.

Korean subway advertising expenses Gangnam

Gangnam Station Wide Advertising


Korean subway advertising expenses Gangnam


Gangnam Station CM Monitor


Kendai entrance station

Kendaiguchi Station is located around large department stores and universities, and is a downtown area where locals gather.

The installation medium at Kendaiguchi Station isMini poster, CM monitor, wide advertisement, light box, DID advertisement, etc.is.

Korean subway advertising expenses agent


Kendai Exit Station Wide Advertising


Korean subway advertising expenses agent


Kendaiguchi Station CM Monitor


 Non -Hyun Station 

Non -Hyun Station has an idol office around, so many fans give Senil ads ^^

Non -hyun station installation mediaWide advertisement, mini poster, CM monitor, light box, etc.is.

Korean subway advertising expenses non -hyun


Non -Hyun Station Light Box


Korean subway advertising expenses non -hyun


Non -Hyun Station Wide Advertising


Mitsunari Station


There is COEX MALL, the largest shopping mall in Korea around Mitsunari Station.

Because it is located in Gangnam, it is an area with many traffic.

The installation medium of Mitsunari Station isWide advertisement, commercial monitor, LED large monitor, mini poster, DID advertisement, etc.is.

Korean subway advertising expenses agent Samson Mitsunari


Mitsunari Station wide advertisement


Korean subway advertising expenses agent Samson Mitsunari


Mitsunari Station CM monitor, LED large monitor


Yagai Station


Gyoi Station is located in a popular area for young people, close to Hongde, cafes, shopping malls, high -rise apartments, etc.

The installation medium of Joyoi Station isWide advertisement, light box, CM monitor, mini poster, etc.is.

Korean subway advertising expenses agent Hapcheon


Joyoi Station CM Monitor


Korean subway advertising expenses agent Hapcheon


Joyoi Station Wide Advertising


Station around the office

 In addition to the popular stations, it is also recommended to issue Senil advertisements at stations around the idol office!

If you issue an advertisement around the office,In fact, the person himself does a "authentication shot" ^^♡

This article introduces stations around the idol office in detail, so please see.

➡︎ What is the recommended place for Korean Senil ads? Introducing popular subway!


Flow from inquiry to advertising broadcasting

The flow to the advertising broadcast is as follows.

Senil advertising Korean subway price agency

    Please leave advertising production!

    If it is difficult to design an advertisement by individual, we will perform the design production!

    Designers will produce according to your desired design ^^

    Production cost
    Still image

    15,000 yen


    30,000 yen ~

     * The notation price is excluding tax.


    • FixUp to twiceIt is.
    • Significant corrections after 2 corrections5,000 yentakes.



    How many days before the desired date can you apply?
    A. When producing advertising products, one and a half months agoIf only the medium arrangement, please apply one month in advance.
    Is it possible to carry out within 100,000 yen budget?
    A. CM monitors and mini posters are available from 90,000 yen excluding tax!
    I don't know which station is good ...
    A. We will propose a medium that suits your desired medium and budget, so please feel free to contact us on LINE ^^
    Can I advertise on my own?
    A. Yes, Korean traffic advertisements can be issued individually!

    Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

    Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

    Looking at the examples introduced this time, many people may feel like "I want to give Senil advertising!"♪

    If you are worried, "I don't have the courage to advertise ..." "Isn't it difficult to go?"

    If you register the official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solves concerns about cheering advertising!

    Of course, chatting to the staff, It is safe to consult on the phone♪

    You can complete LINE only from consultation -medium arrangement -design production to advertising reports!

    First of all, please register as a LINE friend ^^


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