Senior Advertising / Supported Advertising Need permission from the Idol Affiliation Office? Thorough explanation of prohibited matters and guidelines!



Recently, in Japan, there are many people who seemed to see more social advertisements, and "I want to give a social advertisement on your favorite idol's birthday!"

However, there are many people who do not know that you do not know what photos can be used. "

So this time,I would like to explain thoroughly about the copyright and pre-announcement guidelines for Senior Advertising!


Senior advertisement in rapidly in Japan

In Korea, it is common as an idol cheering methodSenior advertisementSupport advertisementHowever, it has recently seen in Japan's large vision etc.

Types of common support ads are various, such as street vision, traffic advertisement (station, bus, plane), SNS advertisement.

Besides, there are also cup holder events that distribute cup holders.

Senior Advertising Cup Holder Korea

If you would like to learn more about Senior Advertising, please refer to this article first.

article➡︎ What is your support ad? From the basics, such as the latest cases, costs and costs in Japan, which teaches the Senior's professional representative, etc.


The copyright of the Senior ad requires the authorization of the office?

When we produce Senior Advertising, I think that I feel anxious "whether I use an idol image was used without permission?"

From the conclusion,In the idol affiliation officeAdvertising applicationBe sure to submit.

Also, depending on the advertising medium,From the affiliation officeLicense certificateIf there is no advertisement, you may not be able to broadcast the ad.

I would like to explain more about the provisions of each copyright presented by each medium.


surelyAdvertising media that can be written without license certificate

Advertising media that can be written without license certificate from affiliation office is as follows.

  • Korea Domestic Traffic Advertising
  • Instagram advertisement
  • YouTube advertisement
  • Domestic Street Vision (part)
  • Cup holder
Senior Advertising Advertising Idol Advertising

These advertising media can deliver ads without submitting licensing applications from the affiliation office.

Street vision may require licensed certificate depending on the medium.

However, even if you do not need to submit a license application form,Be sure to make an advertisement application such as "Advertising" to the affiliated office or "we will carry out an event".


surelyLicenseAdvertising medium that needs a book

The ad media that needs a license certificate from the affiliation office is as follows.

  • Under Japan traffic advertisement 
Senior Advertising Support Advertising Idol Advertising Agent

Japan's traffic advertisement is severe,All materials used for Senior Advertising must take permission of the affiliation office.

If you do not use permission, you can not express your ad as a copyright violation and express ads.

for that reason,You need to receive advertisement application and license certificate (email or email) to the idol's affiliation office.

Senior Advertising Support Advertising Idol Advertising Copyright prohibition permission


How to use an idle affiliation office

I think that there are many people who do not know what text should be sent to take permission to the Idol Affiliation Office.

Below, we will introduce the letter statement of the email when contacting the Authorization Agency.

"Example of application"

Senior Advertising Idol Ad Support Advertising

※ If you are a Korean office, you have to be sent in Korean.

There are also affiliation offices that issue licensed certificates,Most if you receive permission by email.

If you have permitted in the email sentence, let's submit a licensed certificate that is summarized on the ad media side as "This content has been granted" as follows.

If there is no license certificate, it is not passing for Japanese traffic ad examination.


Depending on the idol affiliation office

Such like JO1 and OWVPresenting image materials available for the official siteThere is also an affiliation office, so in this case there is no need to take permission from the affiliation office.

Let's use the site to use and use the material you want to use.

Guidelines for "JO1" support ads:

Guidelines for "OWV" support ads:


Can you delegate ads in individuals in Japan?

Traffic ads in Japan areIt can not be written by individuals and can only be written in group names. (Even if the advertisement leader is not a group name through the agent company, it is not a group name.)

Therefore, advertisers often create support groups and often recruit investors using SNS.

Senior Advertising Idol Japan



What is the item you need for the Senior Advertising Design?

As a provision of traffic ads in Japan, "advertising responsibility and advertisement, advertisements that are unclear" can not be delivered.

Therefore, in the image and video to useIncluding publicityContentDocument"or"Group name」「Group contactYou must be described.

(It is good to listen to the wording of the warning so as to be able to do a fan of fans and not junk the users' users)

Senior Advertising Design Regulations

The promotional sentence is a sentence that advertises "Fan Club Entrepresentation" "New Single Release".


Guidelines for pre-announcement

Senior Advertising Support Advertising Idol Advertising Copyright prohibition permission

When the date and time of the Senior advertising broadcast will be decided, I would like to find out for a lot of people with SNS and see many people.

but,It depends on each ad medium whether it is possible to notice advance.

Depending on the advertising medium,Prior notice may be prohibited to avoid congestion.

In order to avoid trouble, let's understand the rule of preconfiguration that each medium stipulates. 

In addition, even if notices are recognized, there are cases where fans rushed and security guards will be dispatched.

In the worst case, no notice may be discontinued.Advertising Please make sure of the judgment of the owner.


Presentation of pre-announcement specified by each medium

Here are some of the provisions of prior notice of each advertising medium.

Media name Advance notice

Unikabision (Tokyo Shinjuku)


※ After the material examination is completed

Shibuya Scramble Intersection Area Street Vision

Some media (such as Shibu Hit Hit Vision)


Possible from the day

Please feel free to contact us for detailed provisions of other media.



In Japan, the provisions of advertisements are severe, so it is more difficult to do Senior Advertising in Korea.

However, if you keep prescribed guidelines, it is possible to make Senior Advertising in Japan.

If you feel anxious, we will support our customer's Sendai Advertisement, so please feel free to contact us!

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